United Pentecostal Church

Why Visit Us?

We love people
    Visiting a┬áchurch can be intimidating.
    At Tabernacle of Joy we make it our
    priority to make you feel welcome,
    comfortable, and loved.

We're real
    From the music to the message we
    have a genuine passion for God, life
    and family.

The Church

Tabernacle of Joy, located at 319 Lions Club Road, Jacksonville Beach, Florida,
is more than just a church. It is a family of men, women, and children from all walks of life.
We are people who are Spirit filled and have a sincere desire to present the Apostolic Message
of Salvation and Hope to a community that needs to feel the love and sincerity of true Christians.

Our services are Christ Centered and focused on Biblical Expressions of worship, sincere prayer,
and the Word of God. When you step through the door you will sense a warm and friendly atmoshpere, where men and women, just like you, have a genuine experience with God. Here, you can connect
with God, Faith, and Family as you prepare for ministry in the church and community.

Church does not have to be dead, dull, and boring to be real. Are you ready for some real church?
Come join us and lets take this journey of faith, hope, and charity together...

... you'll be glad you did.

Pastor Ron Strong